What is a service integrator ?

According to the law of 15 August 2012, a service integrator is an institution which, by or under a law, is responsible for the integration of services at a given level of authority or in a given sector. "Integration of services" means the organisation of mutual exchanges of electronic data between bodies and the integrated provision of such data. The mission of a federal service integrator is, with the agreement of the participating public services and other service integrators, to integrate data processing processes. In this context, it provides access to data in an integrated way.

Currently, there are 6 public service integrators operating in Belgium.


The Banque Carrefour d'Échange de Données (BCED) is the regional service integrator for Wallonia


The Crossroads Bank for Social Security is the driver and coordinator of e-government in the social sector


The FPS BOSA is the federal service integrator (except for the Social Security services)


Fidus is the name given to the regional service integrator for the Brussels-Capital Region


DigitaalVlaanderen is the regional service integrator for Flanders


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