The European Interoperability Framework (EIF) is a set of recommendations for national governments aimed at making - and keeping - digital public services within the EU interoperable.

EIF is intended as a common core of the National Interoperability Frameworks (NIFs) and Domain Interoperability Frameworks (DIFs). For Belgium, BelgIF is the NIF. The federal government and the regions have agreed to use the 12 principles of the EIF as the basis for defining their interoperability.

A number of recommendations are derived from these principles. In the new version these recommendations were amended and extended, especially to stay in line with the new EU directives and regulations such as the PSI, the eIDAS and the GDPR.

The 47 recommendations are also endorsed within the context of BelgIF as a valuable foundation for the definition of architecture, applications and solutions for data exchange and interoperability within and between the federal government and the communities and regions.


Interoperability Levels