Working groups, meetings and other initiatives


AI 4 Belgium is a community-led approach to enable Belgian people and organizations to capture the opportunities of AI while facilitating the ongoing transition responsibly. AI 4 Belgium has the ambition to position Belgium in the European AI landscape.


Every year, the National Geographical Institute organizes BeGeo, the national geo-information fair that brings together government, the private sector and the research community.

BeST Address Committee

Cooperation agreement between the Federal State, the Flemish Region, the Walloon Region and the Brussels-Capital Region regarding the alignment of referencing addresses and the linking of address information.

Belgian Web Accessibility

The Federal Public Service BOSA has been designated in the Royal Decree of 5 September 2019 as the control body for the accessibility of websites and mobile applications for the public sector and for defining the control method as provided for in the European Directive (EU) 2016/2102. The Belgian Web Accessibility Office (BWAO) is a steering group set up and led by the FPS BOSA to carry out these tasks properly in consultation with the Regions and Communities.

Data Protection Authority

The Data Protection Authority (DPA) is an independent supervisory body responsible for ensuring compliance with the fundamental principles of personal data protection. The Authority was created within the Belgian House of Representatives by the Act of 3 December 2017 establishing the Data Protection Authority and is the successor to the Privacy Commission.

GAIA-X for Belgium

Gaia-X is a digital ecosystem, working to create an environment in which data can be shared and stored under the control of data owners and users. Where rules are defined and respected, so that data and services can easily be made available. Gaia-X has the potential to create unprecedented opportunities for innovative, data-driven business models and new solutions that help European companies of all sizes and industries to scale up and compete globally.

ICEG Working Groups

Thematic working groups on data standardization within ICEG (ICEG is a cooperative agreement between federal, regional and community governments for the harmonization and alignment of initiatives to achieve integrated e-government).

INSPIRE coordination committee

Coordination committee set up by the Cooperation Agreement of April 2 between the Federal State and the three Regions for the coordination of a geographic information infrastructure (INSPIRE).

Information Security Committee

By the law of September 5, 2018, the Information Security Committee was established.

It consists of two chambers: the Social Security and Health Chamber, located at the KSZ and the eHealth Platform, and the Federal Government Chamber, located at the FPS BOSA.

It has specific missions in the field of information security - including the granting of deliberations for certain types of communications of personal data.

Kafka website

This website informs you about the Only Once Act, the federal government's accomplishments in implementing it, and gives you the opportunity to notify authorities if you need to transfer information that you have already provided to the federal government.

Open data portals meeting

Informal meetings uniting the maintainers of the various open data portals in Belgium at national, regional and local level + invited experts.